Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Thin Blue Smoke. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Mission Statement

    1. The purpose of this forum is to provide barbecue and grilling enthusiasts an environment where information can be shared, problems solved, and a place where friendships and camaraderie can be developed. It is the intention of the ownership that these forums be "family friendly" and culturally neutral. We want to promote the art of meat smoking and the enjoyment of all foods associated with the outdoor cooking experience. #
  2. Additional Terms and Conditions

    1. The administration of Thin Blue Smoke reserves the right to amend the site rules as it sees fit. #
  3. Posting Guidelines

    1. Spam, advertisement of goods and services, self-promotion are all prohibited in the forums, the personal messaging system or in direct email to forum members. Furthermore, URL's, logos, or marketing references to web sites, company names or product names are prohibited in screen names, avatars or topic titles UNLESS the member has express consent via a marketing agreement with the site ownership. If you wish to become a site vendor then please contact the administrator. Please report any violations of this requirement using the Report Post link. #
    2. Posting the same question/topic (aka Cross Posting) in multiple forums is prohibited. Please choose the forum that is most relevant for your topic. The Off Topic forum is provided for when there is no other suitable forum. Choosing a forum because it has more activity than the others is not an excuse for an off topic posting. If you inadvertently post in the wrong forum then you may edit/delete your post or a moderator will do it for you. If you require assistance then please contact a moderator. #
    3. Please use descriptive titles when creating a new topic. Using the word(s) "Need Help", "Urgent", "Question", and so on doesn't properly convey the need. You will get much better results by being more descriptive. Example; "Need help with pork ribs", "Urgent - my brisket is stalled", or "Question about thermometers". #
    4. Topic bumping is prohibited except by usage of the Bump Topic link that will appear in the Topic Tools utility after a set number of days from the original posting. Please exercise patience waiting on a reply to your posting. It is through the generosity of other members to help you however it may take some time for the proper individual to come to your aid. Use the Bump Topic link if you feel that your post has been overlooked. #
    5. We know it happens but please try to refrain from derailing a thread with off topic postings or interjecting your issue into another member's topic. We will moderate you if it gets out of control. #
    6. Every member is expected to behave in a civil and courteous manner. It is perfectly fine to disagree with another member as long as it is done in a constructive and tactful way. Insults, flaming, ad hominem attacks, rude behavior, etc. will quickly result in topic locking, warnings, time-out, and/or banishment.

      It is suggested that members attempt to be helpful to others by answering their question or pointing them in a direction rather than the standard answer of "Use the search tool", even if the question has been asked multiple times before. #
    7. This site is family friendly. If you can't say the words to your spouse, children, co-workers, etc. then you shouldn't say them here. Politics, religious discussion, social agendas should all be left at the door before you enter this forum. Profanity and sexually explicit material (pornography) is prohibited. You may however discuss government regulation and involvement in the food and related industries as it applies to the focus of these forums, which is meat smoking, grilling and food in general. If you have any questions in regards to this forum requirement then please contact a moderator or the site administrator. #