Jerebek Deer Marinade

Anything harvested from the wild; Venison, boar, moose, rabbit, pheasant, etc.
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Jerebek Deer Marinade

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Here is the recipe I use for cooking the Venison loin. Feel free to try it out or modify to fit your taste.

Backstrap cut in 8-12 inch lengths.
-1/3 cup Italian Dressing (you can substitute Balsamic if you prefer that flavor)
-1/4 cup olive oil
-1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce
-3 T Hickory Liquid Smoke
-1 T Rosemary
-2 T Paprika
-1 T Onion Powder (or cut up one onion)
-1 T Garlic Powder (or 2 cloves crushed)
-1 T Black Pepper
-1 T Seasoned salt
-1 t Celery Seed
-1 t Thyme
-1 t Cayenne Pepper (or crushed red pepper)

1. Prepare the marinade
2. Thaw the loin resting in the marinade in the fridge for 2 days
3. Tenderize both sides on day 2 (this is a matter of preference, if I have a doe or younger deer, I will not tenderize. Older bucks tend to be tough.)
4. Return to marinade for third day.
5. Cook on day 4 with the following directions:
-Grill on High Heat (this is important)
-Sear each side for one minute
-Baste with remaining marinade cook for about 3 and a half minutes each side.
-Remove from grill and wrap in foil.
-Let rest 15 minutes in foil to complete cooking
-Cut across grain in 1/2 inch slices and enjoy!

If you do this, it will come out moist with a slight pink center.

Seems complicated, but it is proven to convert non-venison eaters!

Enjoy man. Have a good week!
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