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I used to to frequent the The Smokering.com. It had been a long time and noticed things went this direction. I see a few names I recognize. Not sure many of you will remember me. It had been many years since I posted over there. I once won the "fattie" contest on that site. I learned allot over on that site and have become very experienced so I hope I can help some others out now too.

I use a UDS for my smoking. I've probably built at least 20 of them over the years. Built an awesome UDS that was then surrounded in brick. I miss that thing. Talk about holding temps!! Middle of winter in northern Illinois and that thing would purr right along. I moved from 12th Av years ago so that one had to stay. I'm in the midst of building a BBQ island that will have a UDS in it and a Santa Maria grill too. Maybe a griddle top too.

Looking forward to checking out the site
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Hi 12th Av 👍 I remember seeing you over at TSR. Thanks for popping over here and re-introducing yourself. Hopefully with Spring at our doorstep we will start seeing some more barbecue activity. I'd love to see a tutorial on a UDS build if you have any interest in posting something up and some pics of that barbecue island would be nice too. Welcome to TBS and looking forward to your participation.
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Welcome! I don't remember you from TSR but I was likely there after you mostly left.

I bet the brick lined UDS did really well! Do you have plans in your island to insulate the UDS to help regulate temps? I have considered wrapping mine with wood, sorta like a wine barrel, but that would not do a whole lot for insulation and I really don't care what it looks like as long as it is functional! :lol:

And yes, please post your build!
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