SOUS VIDE-+smoking/grilling?

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SOUS VIDE-+smoking/grilling?

Post by YukonJasper »

I have a sous vide set up that I have yet to put in action. Have any of you messed around with this and has anyone tried to combine with smoking or grilling? ... -brisket-1

I can definitely see a reverse sear on a grill, but wondering about using a smoker.
Trying to figure out which you would do first, put a good smoke on,seal and then bring to temp in the water bath or brine and bring mostly to temp in the water and finish up with the smoke?

Any mad smokologists out there tampering with the other forces of nature?
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Re: SOUS VIDE-+smoking/grilling?

Post by jess »

Not much on new do-dads but it might be handy for finishing sausage, or bacon.
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Re: SOUS VIDE-+smoking/grilling?

Post by SVonhof »

I have heard that bringing to temp slowly via sous vide and then searing is the most desirable way of doing things.

I would think that smoking to bring close to temp and finishing in the water would kill off some of the smoke and would sog out any rub since it basically just steams in the bag, so I don't know if I would use it that way.

But, I don't have one, that is just based on my knowledge of it.
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