Cold weather techniques

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Cold weather techniques

Post by YukonJasper »

As a newbie, can anyone share advice on what I can expect from cold temperature cooks on a pellet grill? Specifically a Pit Boss 700.
I assume pellet consumption will be higher as the unit struggles to maintain temperatures inside. Does a blanket help? Should I set a higher temperature to compensate? Should I allow more time for the cook as a result? Should I use hotter burning woods?

All these questions.
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Re: Cold weather techniques

Post by Smokin Mike »

I don't own a pellet cooker or have even run one but I do know how they work.

On a normal day you should be able to set the temperature and the pellet feed controller will do whatever it takes to maintain the desired temperature. So yes, on colder days it will consume more fuel. With that being said, if you're cooking in sub freezing temperatures and the unit is struggling to keep up then a blanket or some type of insulation would help to keep the cooker temperature on set-point. Also, keeping the cooker out of the wind helps a lot. A makeshift tarp or plywood shelter has gotten me back in control several times during cold weather cooks.

It really helps if you have a wireless temperature monitor so you can sit in the house and keeps tabs on what's happening outdoors. Most of them have alarms that can be set to alert you if the temperature strays too far off target. Some have dual probes where you can monitor pit temperature in addition to meat temperature. I use a Smoke™ Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer but there's other brands that work as well.

I've never seen a different style of pellet claim to be hotter burning than another but I guess anything is possible.

Hopefully someone with pellet grill experience can pop in and help shed some additional insight on your concerns.
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Re: Cold weather techniques

Post by Bckyrdbbq »

I live in Washington state, I own a rectec 340...I have 0 problems all year long smoking. You can change the feed rate if need be. It sits on my back deck under cover but smokes in the elements. I don't think it uses more in the winter at all. Almost more efficient if I had to guess. No blankets involved in this post.
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Re: Cold weather techniques

Post by Glenn »

I also don't have a pellet pooper, but my OK Joe benefits from a welding blanket in the winter weather. I've had it perform fine at under 20 degrees with this: ... UTF8&psc=1

Yes, it used more fuel, but I got my Q in the middle of Jan/Feb! :lol:

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