Smoked Cabbage

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Smoked Cabbage

Post by jeepdad »

Smoked Cabbage


Whole Cabbage (stick with a smaller cabbage 3 pounds or less)
1 stick of butter
Salt pepper to taste

Optional Ingredients
Chicken Broth

1. Cut the core off the bottom of the cabbage trim to replace back in cored hole.

2. With a knife core out down the center of the cabbage but not all the way through. Wallow the knife around creating space.

3. Push stick of butter into cabbage, add salt and pepper and replace trimmed core back.

4. Wrap in double foil. Take a separate sheet of foil roll it up like a snake then make it into a circle. Sit the cabbage on the circle it allows the cabbage to sit straight and upright on the smoker.

Smoke times vary 5 to 7 hours

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Re: Smoked Cabbage

Post by Glenn »

Wow...I never thought of that. We make a great suasage and cabbage soup and that would really add a nice smoky flavor along with the sausage.

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