Pit Building Calculator

Technical Q&A, calculations, etc. for building a cooker or help with your existing cooker.
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Pit Building Calculator

Post by Smokin Mike »

This is quite a handy tool for calculating the dimensions for your barbecue cooker build or to help troubleshoot temperature and air flow problems on your existing cooker. Please note the Forum Link box that you can use to copy and paste your dimensions here at the forum so that other members can assist you in sizing or troubleshooting your cooker.

Feldon's BBQ Pit/Smoker Build Calculator for All Firebox Shapes

Thanks to Morgan Feldon (aka feldon30) for providing this utility. 👍
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Re: Pit Building Calculator

Post by gandrfab »

Thank you
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Re: Pit Building Calculator

Post by dmike25 »

I used Feldon's calculator when I built my first (and only) offset. I had never even cooked in one. I wouldn't have had a clue without the calculator! The smoker works perfectly, thanks Morgan!
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Re: Pit Building Calculator

Post by feldon30 »

Glad to hear it. I started with Tom C's excel sheet but kept adding stuff as k.a.m. and others kept bugging me. :) I think it gets a fair amount of use.

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BBQ Pit Build Calculator
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